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The name of the iltamaa comes from the farm owned by Jenni’s grandmother, who is also the founder of the iltamaa. The farm got its name because the evening sun shines beautifully on the slope of the farmland.

Jenni spent a lot of her childhood at her grandmother’s, where her sheep also lived. Her enthusiasm for handcrafts and sheep comes from her grandmother.


Finnish Wool

Iltamaa uses Finnish wool in their rugs. All the wool comes undyed from the Herrakunta sheep. From the sheep, they obtain six different colors directly, but these colors can also be mixed together.

Unique rugs

With our software, we can transform any image into a rug pattern. The program calculates the required amount of wool and generates a color chart as instructions, allowing you to create the rug you so desire. We will send you the wool, instructions, and other necessary tools directly.


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Business owner

"The idea that had been searching for its place for years found the perfect match in rugs. When completed, the rug is incredibly meaningful and invaluable to me."




"I have taken two of Jenni's courses, and I can say that there is no better tapestry artisan in Finland!"




"The course was exceptional! A well-crafted guide from your own design, successful yarn selections. The guidance and conversation with Jenni were very warm-hearted, and the whole group of course participants was very enthusiastic."

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+ 358 40 744 1723


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